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[Solved] Import Updates from Catalog - No updates are shown?

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Jun 3, 2014 at 8:49 PM
I am new here, so I am probably doing something wrong...

I just downloaded WPP version Release v1.3.1405.17
I installed it on Windows 2012 R2, all seems to be ok to this point.
I requested & received a Adobe Flash Player distribution license from Adobe.

I open WPP, Click Updates - Manage Catalog Subscriptions
I then paste in the adobe URL in the address field, click Test Connectivity button and it works.
I then clicked "Add this Catalog" button, the subscribed catalog appears at the top.
I then click "Check Update Availability Now, it works, at the top under Update Available it says Yes.
I then click "Import updates from this catalog" button, a new window opens..
At the top I see Import catalog from: \Release v1.3.1405.17\Subscribed Catalogs\
I then click Open Catalog
But, in the left pane I only see Root, no updates are listed?

What am I doing wrong?

Jun 3, 2014 at 11:01 PM
Please disregard my above question, I did figure it out...
To help others if they encounter what I did...
My problem was our security appliance box was "partially" blocking the download...
What I mean is...
When I first downloaded the file is was 1KB in size.
I set myself as an admin on our security appliance box, then downloaded a second time, this time the file size was 10KB.

When I used to 10KB file, and selected Open Catalog, I could now see all 12 of the Flash Player updates in the left pane.

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