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Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (2015 Classic Track) - incremental MSP don't work

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Nov 18, 2015 at 4:43 PM
Hi Guys,

i thought it's better to make a new topic since the last one regarding this (or similar) issue is marked as a "closed issue".

I'm using the Classic Track for our machines after I switched over from 11.0.x branch. I created a "Initial" Installation with Version 15.006.30094 (slipstreamed this version into the initial release 15.006.30033) after some tweaks with the Customization Wizard DC (regarding Product Updates, Shortcuts, ...(the usual stuff) and of cause uninstallation of all prev. versions of Adobe Reader). This works really fine.

Now I'm trying to install 15.006.30096 with the .msp file from Adobes FTP (AcroRdr2015Upd1500630096_MUI_incr.msp) since AcroRdr2015Upd1500630096_MUI.msp only works if you installed the first Release AcroRdr20151500630033_MUI.exe and no updates.
Whenever I try to publish this package i get this error --> Image

A manual install works fine. I have tried some combinations regarding Package Type,Update Classification and Prerequisites and of cause using the "empty rules" option. Nothing worked.

Just to test I have tried to publish AcroRdr2015Upd1500630096_MUI.msp and this works fine but I can't use it because 15.006.30094 is currently installed.

Any way to fix it? Here's the Metadata for reference...
<msiar:MsiPatchMetadata><MsiPatch xmlns="" SchemaVersion="" PatchGUID="{AC76BA86-7AD7-FFFF-2550-AE0F06759000}" MinMsiVersion="4"><TargetProduct MinMsiVersion="300"><TargetProductCode Validate="true">{AC76BA86-7AD7-FFFF-7B44-AE0F06755100}</TargetProductCode><TargetVersion Validate="true" ComparisonType="GreaterThanOrEqual" ComparisonFilter="MajorMinorUpdate">15.006.30094</TargetVersion><UpdatedVersion>15.006.30096</UpdatedVersion><TargetLanguage Validate="false">0,1033,2052,1028,1030,1043,1035,1036,1031,1040,1041,1042,1044,1046,1034,1053,1050,1029,1038,1045,1048,1049,1051,1060,1055,1058,1069,1027</TargetLanguage><UpdatedLanguages>1027</UpdatedLanguages><UpgradeCode Validate="true">{A6EADE66-0000-0000-484E-7E8A45000000}</UpgradeCode></TargetProduct><TargetProductCode>{AC76BA86-7AD7-FFFF-7B44-AE0F06755100}</TargetProductCode><ObsoletedPatch>{AC76BA86-7AD7-FFFF-2550-AE0F06756C00}</ObsoletedPatch><ObsoletedPatch>{AC76BA86-7AD7-FFFF-2550-AE0F06758E00}</ObsoletedPatch><SequenceData><PatchFamily>AC76BA867AD7FFFF7B44AE0F06755100</PatchFamily><Sequence>15.006.30096.10000</Sequence><Attributes>1</Attributes></SequenceData></MsiPatch>
Nov 18, 2015 at 5:01 PM
Already solved : See this post
Marked as answer by InSanE_STFF on 11/19/2015 at 3:30 AM
Nov 19, 2015 at 11:30 AM
Great!! Didn't ever noticed the 'Validate' button...

It's the TargetLanguage Tag - just remove everything expect the one you use (1031 = German -> Find this List from MS (LCID Dec)).