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Newbie - Java Install, Retain two versions

Topics: Publishing Issue
Nov 21, 2016 at 8:17 PM
I'm trying to install Java 8 build 111 and retain version 7 build 21 if it is installed. I'm using 'Installing All Java release except the latest one.pdf' from the documentation section here, but am having trouble getting it to remove other versions. I'm using the following in the 'Uninstall All Msi Product for which the Msi Product Code match...'

and the following in 'Except these one'
but it doesn't remove version 8 update 77.

If I try the 'Remote MSI Manager' it returns the expected results. Are there additional settings I should be checking/selecting which are not shown in the document? For instance, should I be ticking the 'Delete Rules at Package level' for both 'Already installed' and 'is installable' options?

Do I need to add any additional files in the 'Additional Files' section, should I leave the xml file listed here

Do I change the 'Update File' from CustomUpdateEngine to the MSI I want to install.


Apologies for the lengthy question, but hopefully solving this will allow me to publish a lot of other packages.

One last thing. Is it possible to modify a custom update at the point where you add the components such as 'Allow to execute file', 'Allow to uninstall...' etc. At the moment I am deleting and re-creating the complete package.

Thanks for any help.