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Application installed but shows as Not Applicable

Topics: Configuration Issue, Publishing Issue
Jun 5, 2017 at 5:25 PM
I have setup WSUS Package Publisher on a new Windows 2016 server, it only has WSUS installed on it, which is configured and runs great.
We wanted to deploy acrobat reader to our users, and probably other applications down the road.
It wasn't working at the beginning, and after searching around, I found a thread that mention adding the Processor X64 or X86 in the rules, and that worked for me, installed on my test computer without any problems.
It showed up as Installed in WPP... but now that I go back in, its showing as NOT APPLICABLE for that same computer.
Is this a default setting for Installed application or did something corrupt? How am I supposed to know which computers are installed or not?
Any suggestions? let me know