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Topics: Configuration Issue, Misc.
Jul 27 at 8:48 PM
I had used WPP to deploy Adobe Reader DC back in December. I recently deployed a new workstation and I realized that the machine was not getting Reader. When I look at the status, it shows Not Installed, Approval is set to Install and the Last Contact Date is current.

We are on Server 2008 R2 and WSUS updates are working fine.

This took me down a rabbit hole and I tried to create a package for the newest version of Reader. When I went to publish the package, I get a CreateDirectory Failed message. I attempted to revise one of the packages currently listed and get the same message. This is installed on the same machine as my WSUS server.

My installation on is D: and both the UpdateServicesPackages and WsusContent folders have recent timestamps. I am logged on the server as a Domain Admin.

Any guidance is appreciated.