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How to KB4012598


Hi there,

I would like to publish KB4012598 on my XP (yeah yeah XP....)
I never publish KB before and i missed the /quiet argument. How can i do ?
I have revise it and resign it, but how to force XP to grab the last revise of the package ?

Thanks a lot

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Closed May 16 at 7:17 PM by DCourtel
You should import this KB directly into Wsus from the console


WinfriedSonntag wrote May 16 at 7:06 PM

you can import KB410xxx direct in your WSUS.

BigJack wrote May 16 at 8:13 PM

Could you ask me how ? Sync on wsus doesn't show anything for xp (product XP is checked in list)

Have you some answer about how windows xp windows update works ? Thanks

WinfriedSonntag wrote May 16 at 8:55 PM

Open WSUS.MSC direct on your WSUS. Select Updates Node, right click > Import Updates. IE must open, now you can search your Update and import the selected Update into WSUS.

BigJack wrote May 16 at 10:22 PM

I just done it. Thanks a lot for the trick ! So i just kick out in rejected my package.

Just one more question, how can i learn all about WSUS and WPP, like this, or how XP WU works. (Like, what happens if I fix a package etc). Docs ? Books ? Somes links ?

Thanks !

WinfriedSonntag wrote May 17 at 5:53 AM

Reading, reading and reading. Testing and testing.

BigJack wrote May 17 at 2:47 PM

I will check if i can separe prod and test computers on wsus (if you have a doc/link/info ? ^^)

To delete old entries on XP WU i deployed a GPO at startup computer. see the rar below.

VBS from here :
And cmd run once from :

Thanks for your help !