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Windows Server 2016



I have a Windows Server 2016 with an installed WSUS.
I also use WPP on this Server.
When I try to import Updates to WSUS and display it in the WSUS-Console I get error 40.
In the debug Log I can see it trys to connect to the 2003/2008 WID not the actual WSUS WID np.

The WSUS-Console is Version 10.
How to fix this?

Thanks for your help


WinfriedSonntag wrote May 30 at 5:32 PM


is WPP installed on WSUS/W2016?

In the middle of you will find a query for making the updates visible in WSUS.MSC. After this, are new Updates visible in WSUS.MSC?

Markus_EDV wrote May 31 at 7:43 AM

Yes it is installed on W2016 on the same machine as the WSUS

The update is visible but no one can download the Update.
It stands on "Update is downloaded 0%"

WinfriedSonntag wrote May 31 at 8:28 AM

Have a look in WSUS.MSC, is the File for the Update available? Look at a Client who can not download the update in %windir%\WindowsUpdate.log.

Markus_EDV wrote May 31 at 9:44 AM

In WSUS.MSC the File is availabale.

On the Clients I get error 0x80d02002
In WindowsUpdate.log: WU client calls back to download call {A91007C7-312C-4D61-850B-DF37222FECB4} with code Call complete and error 0x80d02002

Markus_EDV wrote May 31 at 12:46 PM

The Error apears on all clients and only for new Updates from WPP

The Solution doesn't help.

WinfriedSonntag wrote May 31 at 1:56 PM

Did you deploy the new certificate from the new WPP?

WinfriedSonntag wrote May 31 at 1:58 PM

Did you create a new certificate?

Markus_EDV wrote May 31 at 2:24 PM

I updated the WSUS Server from 2012 to 2016 to try if it works
I use to old certificate, I used before.
Do I have to reimport it?

Markus_EDV wrote May 31 at 2:24 PM

Before the Update it works.

Markus_EDV wrote May 31 at 2:25 PM


WinfriedSonntag wrote May 31 at 2:57 PM

OK, thanks for the big response. Could you pls tell the whole world, what was the solution? Thanks.

Markus_EDV wrote Jun 1 at 6:59 AM

No it dosn't work :/

But I can make a submit what I have done and what I have tried.

WinfriedSonntag wrote Jun 1 at 10:31 AM

Sorry for that, but i am out.