Error: Some update files aren't signed correctly. Error code: (0x800b0109)

Our parent company recently changed our WSUS server to be a downstream replica of their server. Prior to this I was using WSUS Package Publisher without any issues. After they changed the WSUS conf...

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WSUS 10 error

I have wsus package publisher installed on 2016 server, and anytime I try to make updates visible in wsus Console, I receive an error. A Network-Related or Instance-related error occurred while e...

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Citrix Receiver Installation Issue

Kindly could anyone help me on the Citrix receiver installation issue, I have attached the screenshot.

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Citrix Receiver Deployment Issue

I was trying to install the latest version of Citrix Receiver via through WSUS Package Publisher but the status is showing as in "Downloaded" state. Kindly could anyone help me on this.

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WSUS 2016

Hello and good morning, We have a problem with server 2016 (WSUS). Server version is different from console version. You won't be able to publish/review updates.

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W2012R2 no sucsessful import from catalog files

Hello, new one here :-). i try to import an update from Adobe DC 17.x from the Catalog. The Server try it but he said: "download fail: the remotename could not resolve". After cupple seconds all ...

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Windows Server 2016

Hello, I have a Windows Server 2016 with an installed WSUS. I also use WPP on this Server. When I try to import Updates to WSUS and display it in the WSUS-Console I get error 40. In the debug ...

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Download Fails

Wsus package publisher fails to download java update package deployed,the certificate of the wsus package publisher is present in the client so i dont know what the problem is.see error attached

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Good morning, I removed the superseded check mark on one of the updates but the update still appear has being superseding. What can I do to "Unsuperseded" an update. Thanks

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Uninstalling All Java release except the latest one

We just began testing your product and it look very promising. We specifically are interested in using to keep Java up to date. I followed the documentation you have for uninstalling All Java rel...

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