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MSP not apllied

Topics: Configuration Issue
Mar 3 at 4:57 PM
Hy... i need some help with a deployment of an msp....

I created a custom update, without any rules (is installed / installable).
but my clients dont get it with: "nicht verfügbar" (not applicable).

than, i read the forum... and found some old versions had problems when no rules are configured... so i start playing and CHANGED some of my custom updates, but without success. So i created some NEW custom updates, with rules... but no success.

So my question... can somebody help?
I use: WPP Release v1.3.1702.10

msp meta:
<MsiPatch xmlns="" SchemaVersion="" PatchGUID="{A6B350E8-6217-4103-96B3-A84FFFE47C69}" MinMsiVersion="1">
<TargetProduct MinMsiVersion="301">
<TargetProductCode Validate="true">{D5F969A0-E004-4A61-9CD6-F99CC9D32325}</TargetProductCode>
<TargetVersion Validate="true" ComparisonType="LessThanOrEqual" ComparisonFilter="MajorMinor"></TargetVersion><UpdatedVersion></UpdatedVersion>
<TargetLanguage Validate="false">1033</TargetLanguage><UpdatedLanguages>1033</UpdatedLanguages>
<UpgradeCode Validate="true">{0F5D1D36-F97B-426D-B9D7-FFEAFD65DD36}</UpgradeCode></TargetProduct>
Mar 4 at 3:33 PM
Why are you creating a custom update for a MSP file ??? Simply publish a normal update.
All needed informations are includes in the meta data, it will be used by the WUA on the client to validate the installation.
Mar 6 at 1:36 PM
you are absolutely right. I just publish an update. not a "custom update" and just give him the corresponding msp file.
Mar 6 at 8:06 PM
Are you sure that the MSP file apply to your computers ? Try to copy the file onto a computer and launch it manually. See what happen.
Mar 7 at 1:06 PM
Thanks DCourtel,
i just installed one of them (msp directly) locally and it all works fine. And is installed now.
Do you have another hint, i can try?
Mar 20 at 11:25 AM
Today I've seen that the software isn't shown in the Softwarelist (Remote MSI Manager) this explains why WSUS doesn't recognize the necessary updates.

But updates installes just fine, manually!?

Very Strange. But Thank you anyway!